The delivery guy noticed a toddler walking around all alone. It was an instant red flag — and the concerned postal carrier wasn't about to ignore it.

When the mother was pulled over by a cop she had no idea why she and her family were being stopped. She wasn’t aware of speeding or doing anything wrong. The cop came up to the van and informed the mother that he had to acknowledge her son for what he’d witnessed while her son thought no one was watching.

Madeleshia welcomed her firstborn and filled his nursery with blue baby clothes, toy cars, and all things a young boy could ever want or need:

A local family filed a complaint stating that the tombstone did not match the aesthetic of the rest of the graveyard.

Johan Huibers was 24 years old when he turned to God. 9 years later he had a dream that a horrible flood swept across his homeland and wiped out the entire country. As a carpenter by trade, Johan saw this as a sign to build a boat inspired by Noah's Ark. 2 decades later, it is finally complete.