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Building a group means always having somewhere to turn to with people who understand what you're going through.

Emmy McCarthy

The YesTribe group

This group has made me believe in myself and helped me find the family I didn't even know I needed.

Dave Cornthwaite

Girl Gone International group

Groups give me a sense of belonging no matter where I am in the world.

Anne Scott


Vegan Humor ?
As vegans and true animal lovers, we are constantly reminded about the horrible lives and deaths animals must endure at the hands of humans. In an effort to lighten up the mood, this group is dedicated to the humorous side of veganism, animal rights, and human/animal interaction in general. Please read the pinned post at the top of the group's feed BEFORE posting! It will explain why your post was not approved or deleted. Dark humor is unavoidable, but let's TRY to keep it light-hearted. Don't forget to SHARE this group with your vegan-friendly friends! The bigger the group, the more humour! This group is fully public and only lightly moderated, however, there have occasionally been a lot of posts that are far, far, off-topic. While most of these are still vegan in their subject matter, this a vegan HUMOUR group first and foremost. In order to remain a humour group, we have to take a rather strict position on what is or isn't on-topic: The post must be vegan-related (dietary, environmental, animal rights, human/animal interaction) and must be presented with at least a minimal attempt to elicit a laugh or smile or to demonstrate irony. While we don't always disagree with the subjects of off-topic vegan posts, this is NOT the group to which you may post recipes, petitions, invites, promotions, health tips, selfies, polls/surveys, shelter rescue pleas, news stories (unless they are humorous), and animal abuse or gore. There are plenty of other vegan groups and pages to which such off-topic material may be shared. If this behavior continues by the same person after a few deletions, they will be booted from the group. Trolls may or may not be tolerated depending upon how much fun we have with them. As we are a group of smart(ass) people with a solid funny-bone, I believe we can derail trolls with our humour and for this reason (and because of the humour potential in such exchanges), we may tolerate them to some extent. The minute it becomes abusive (either towards or from the troll) the posting will be deleted and the troll may be booted (depending upon their behavior). That being said, rest assured that in no way will we allow trolling to disrupt or become a major part of this group. As always, spammers will be banned on sight. UPDATE: Group members who feel the need to block our admins will be removed from the group as well. While we don't mind blocking in general, it interferes with our ability to effectively moderate the group and therefore it will not be tolerated. If you wish to rejoin, unblock us first. Thanks again for helping make this one of the best and the LARGEST English-language vegan groups on all of Facebook!
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Audio Engineering Group
This group was originally founded as the Audio Engineering Society group. But now we are just the Audio Engineering Group. Essentially, this Facebook Group is an industry trade group for those who are professional audio engineers, and for audio production students formally training for a career in audio engineering. This group has many professionals that are happy to share their experience and knowledge. Please be considerate of their time. While we encourage the growth of each individual’s knowledge, if an answer to a question can be found via user documentation and/or a simple web search, please read over that content first before bringing that subject to this forum. To ensure unrelated posts and spam do not appear on the group, please note the POSTING GUIDELINES below. (Feel free to send us any comments on these guidelines!) WE ENCOURAGE POSTS THAT ARE: 1- TEXT-based questions, comments, discussion points. 2- Helpful, educational, and directly relevant to Professional Audio Production 3- Videos and/or media posts that offer "significant professional, educational merit" THE FOLLOWING TYPES OF POSTS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE AND WILL BE REMOVED: 1- blatant self-promotion, (or even unblatant self-promotion) 2- any type of advertising or advertorial links 3- any post not on-point to the forum 4- any post showing aggressive/rude behavior or language 5- any type of SPAM (obviously!) 6- any questions on cracked software, using cracked s/w, or where/how to get it 7- jokes or comical posts (they are fun, but are just noise to some - pun intended) 8- videos or cross posts from other forums/blogs (unless a specific question or discussion point accompanies it) or fail to meet qualifications set above 9- posts regarding politics and religion 10- posts promoting specific performance acts, recordings and similar without the discussion of specific audio engineering subjects 11- posts badmouthing/bashing others, especially engineers and/or producers 12- posts intended to seek out potential customers for your products or services (unless someone specifically asks for those recommendations) 13- posts from Bots or other automatic spamming devices REPEATED OFFENSES TO THE ABOVE WILL RESULT IN THE REMOVAL OF THAT GROUP MEMBER
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本社團起源於對航空公司哩程計畫/信用卡點數轉換航空公司哩程計畫的喜好,有鑒於哩程計畫/信用卡點數資訊的複雜與混亂,想要提供一個地方讓大家可以互相討論,分享關於如何累積並且善用航空公司的哩程及信用卡點數,同時提供一個讓大家可以分享旅遊相關的經驗的園地。 服務對象為:對哩程計畫/信用卡點數感興趣的華人及其配偶 ??快速連結 ?? 1. 新手發問前請先社團懶人包: http://www.surimep.com/groups/milestaiwan/permalink/816089865173034/ 或是TripPlus部落格終極懶人包 http://blog.tripplus.cc/2404/allinone-tutorial 2. Blog鏈結,教學文章都在這邊: http://blog.tripplus.cc/ 3. 粉絲團鏈結,特價機票會公告在這: http://www.surimep.com/tripplus.cc/ 4. 信用卡referral link專區(七月): http://www.surimep.com/groups/milestaiwan/permalink/2279195628862443/ 5. Amex信用卡航空退額DP帖(不停更新): http://www.surimep.com/groups/milestaiwan/permalink/1550543531727660/ 6. 續卡禮資料大集合 (Retention Offer)(不停更新): http://www.surimep.com/groups/milestaiwan/permalink/1550607195054627/ 7. 發問專區(求救及尋求建議專區)七月:http://www.surimep.com/groups/milestaiwan/permalink/2279190615529611/ 8. 信用卡點數轉點航空計畫所需時間DP帖:http://www.surimep.com/groups/milestaiwan/permalink/1907482819367061/ ??重要公告 ?? 1. 本社團即日起禁止所有交易文,及MS(假消費)相關討論文。 2. 本社團即日起針對客服文及很明顯可以在置頂文找到答案的Post,不告知一律刪文。 3. 本社團即日起對於明顯的客服文、伸手文、沒有實際範例、前因後果描述不清或是內容沒有超過四行(電腦版)或 八行(手機版)的「發問文」,會關閉回應及刪除,接著請發問者移駕到 #發問專區 詢問,前後因果描述清楚及帶有範例的發問文,允許直接Po在版上發問。 4. 本社團重視言論自由,重視每個人的分享,請尊重他人提供之DP,連續酸人、發布人身攻擊言論、喜歡吵架且不聽勸導者,版主得基於社團良好風氣,不告知馬上刪除團員資格。 5. 為鼓勵團友分享資訊,所有的分享/討論文(「發問文」依然需遵守四行文版規規定),只要發文的主體內帶有任何跟「信用卡申請及使用」「點數系統累積及使用」「旅遊過程行程資訊及延伸的景點/餐廳介紹」「航空哩程獲得及使用」「飯店住宿體驗心得」「飛行體驗心得」「貴賓室體驗心得」相關的資訊,皆從寬認定,都允許發在版上,不關文也不刪文。 6. 本社團每半年會進行一次成員大掃除,對於毫無互動的團友(互動的定義包含:發文分享自己的旅遊經驗、里程及點數的經驗、分享資訊/DP、看到分享好資訊的團友回文鼓勵一下,按個讚,都算在互動的範圍之內),我們會將成員自社團名單中移除。 7. 連續在社團內引戰或是與別人吵架者,不告知馬上刪除團員資格。 ??社團要求更改及刪除 貼文/留言 規則 ?? 1. 未經與允許的廣告文、交易文及任何形式的政治文:不告知馬上刪除。 2. MS相關文:不告知馬上刪除。 3. 「發問」文行數限制(電腦版四行滿版 或 手機版八行滿版,大家好、謝謝、空白及換行不列入行數計算):柔性勸導轉發發問專區後刪除。 4. 個人抱怨文,請發自己的牆上:不告知馬上刪除。 5. 酸文、引戰文、人身攻擊文:不告知馬上刪除 6. 爭議性言論:管理群的責任在於維持社團內的秩序,由於爭議詞彙每個人的認知不一樣,管理群不應該也無法對所有的爭議詞彙列管,管理群僅會就「負面且在社團內發生過多次爭吵的詞彙」列管並給予柔性勸導,其餘版友自行認知為爭議詞彙的部分,應先行予發文/留言者溝通,這是屬於大家的園地,只有溝通才有助於雙方互相了解進而避免紛爭,管理群「僅會在爭吵發生時」才介入處理。團友在溝通過程中,請理性討論,任何人身攻擊、主動引戰、謾罵、酸言酸語言論,攻擊者會被警告,發生兩次以上者,(發文者若多次發相同詞彙,引發多次爭吵,也依相同方法處置),依據板規刪除團員資格。 7. 分享新聞/外部連結:不帶有兩行以上的個人評論的貼文,將會一律刪除。 8. 純照片分享文:不管照片是不是有跟社團主題相關的資訊,只要引文無內容,或是只有過於簡單且明顯無意義的資訊(像是:這太漂亮了、驚呆了、百聞不如一見 ... etc),一律關文宣導,要求在引言內補充相關資訊,相關補充資訊只要帶有:「信用卡申請及使用」「點數系統累積及使用」「旅遊過程行程資訊及延伸的景點/餐廳介紹」「航空哩程獲得及使用」「飯店住宿體驗心得」「飛行體驗心得」「貴賓室體驗心得」資訊即可。 ??其他重要版規,若無法認同請勿加入 ?? 1. 為維護社團正常運作以及保障大多數團員權益, 本社團保留刪除留言與取消團員資格之權力,若有在團外散播詆毀社團的言論,不告知直接刪除團員資格。 2. 本社團謝絕政治相關貼文, 屢勸不聽者將刪除團員資格。 3. 本社團謝絕違犯善良風俗的貼文, 屢勸不聽者將刪除團員資格。 4. 本社團謝絕個人抱怨的貼文, 請張貼在自己的Timeline,負面經驗分享文由於太容易引起爭吵,社團管理員保留刪除的權利,並會視情況刪除。 5. 本社團禁止攬客行為,不限型式,違者一律刪文刪人! 6. 本社團禁止同屬性社團的廣告,不限型式,違者一律刪文,累犯刪人! 7. 請勿張貼賺點擊率之相關連結網頁,違者一律刪文,累犯刪人! 8. 請勿封鎖管理員, 一經發現立即刪除團員資格, 不另通知(也無法通知)。 9. 請勿拒絕讓管理員回文,一經發現立即刪除團員資格。 10. 此為非公開性社團,所有團友的發言與討論,為保護著作權,未經作者、所有推文者及版主同意,不得轉錄。經作者、推文者及版主同意得轉錄者,需以保存事實全貌為原則,完整轉錄文章。違反者將於告知後刪除成員資格。 11. 本社團不禁止推廣個人粉絲專頁及Blog,但是須經審核,分享主題需與社團主題相關且符合管理員訂立之推廣文發文格式(請聯絡管理員獲得此資訊)所有未經審核的粉專及Blog推廣文,不另行通知,一概刪除,管理員保留最終核準及刪文權利,經核準之宣傳文,社團不替其粉專/Blog的行為背書。 12. 請勿用多重帳號加入社團,經查實後,不告知刪除並封鎖所有帳號團員資格。
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FB 灣區二手跳蚤市場
【我們是位於美國西岸的社團,不在臺灣喔!!!!】 1. 要刊登廣告租屋,或廣告Business,請先知會版主或副版主 Nico Li小姐,經同意後即可刊登。 2. 若是徵護犬大使,或是任何慈善活動,或是救助的活動,不管是救助人還是動物,都不用版主同意,自己貼即可。 3. 請大家要有禮貌,都是成年人了,不需要我再像對待國小學童一樣的勸說大家買賣時要尊重雙方,要有禮貌,不要方便當隨便,除非你們都只有5歲。 4. 本版只限二手物件交易,或是出清貨物(比如你們公司有某某物品只剩一兩樣賣不掉) 其餘團購或是其他請至副版:北美購物543 5. 【重要】若出售嬰兒座椅的話,請標上EXP DATE唷,因為這是為了孩子的安全。因嬰兒座椅是塑膠製品,若時間久或是曾經在出過車禍的車輛上,塑料容易變形,會對下一個使用的寶寶非常不安全。 孩子的安全最重要。 6. 若有在其他友版張貼同樣的貼文,請一定記的拜託要放 XPOST 以免產生紛爭。 7. PO文以實際照片為主,不可以用網路的照片當主要介紹照片,一定要有實拍照片,若懶的寫介紹可以附上網路上的資料。 8. 若物品有暇疵的地方一定要跟買家明白提出,不要面交時才被買家當暇疵拒絕交易,然後再跑來我這邊投訴。 9. 若是賣壞掉的物品,除非有事先跟買家溝通,雙方都同意交易,否則若買家買回家時發現物品跟本是壞的,賣家會進黑名單,三次投訴後慢走不送。 10. 買家去領貨時,自己要檢查,不要東西都買回家了才來投訴,因為這是你們自己的責任。 11. 版上每個人都有權限add new member ,請大家在加人時,花一分鐘點進去看一下申請人的資料,若是那種剛申請的帳號有許多都是廣告的空殼帳號,請大家就ignore就好了,以防討厭的廣告入侵我們的版。 12. 本社團的宗旨是藉由FB的這個免費的平臺來方便大家交流、交換家中不需要的物品,不干涉雙方交易行為。 13. 交易的過程請自行溝通,也請交換時當面點清物及金額,以免發生糾紛,金錢交易請大家自行對訂價負責,絕對不能以喊價出價方式競價,因為我們不是EBAY。 14. 請用貼文的方式,一次貼一個物品,以免發生大家找不到地方留言購物的情況,一律以【貼文下的留言為主】,買家請勿【點入照片後在照片下留言】以免造成混亂。 15.若底下超過2人排隊,主po不回文,超過24小時後,版主有權自動刪文 16. 若買家說我要買之後,然後人間蒸發,沒有主動連絡賣家,或是賣家找買家,買家不回應,賣家有權力在PO文下面回應說,若是某月某日幾點幾時排隊某買家沒有回應的話,ITEM將自動順位讓給第二位,以此類推。 17. 若賣家接受殺價,請寫上【可議價 or OBO】,若賣家沒寫可議價,請不要殺價,而且嚴禁領物時殺價。若賣家遭遇不看版規的版友,歡迎勇敢拒絕對方。 18. 為保護買賣雙方,若有【惡意毀約】情況出現,請版友通知我,除非是發生比如像是要交易花瓶然後不小心打破之類,或是像版主我自己本身也發生過小東西找不到,無法拿給版友的情況,若惡意毀約將踢出本團。 19. 買方若確定要買的話請明確的表示出【ME!! Or 我要買 】,若無明確表態將造成賣家困擾,不知道到底誰是第一順位。 20. 需先在po文下留言再行pm賣家,不得未排隊之前就私自連絡賣家,以免不公平事件發生。 21. 請用私訊於交流交易地點和連絡方式。 22. 請勿張貼廢文 (廢文 = 廣告文,政治文) 23. 請勿販賣活體動物、蔬菜水果跟植物,但若是免費送就ok 24. 請勿搭人家的PO文販賣一樣的商品,要就自己去PO文好嗎?! 25. 販售價格需公開,請勿私訊。 26. 要參加本版,或是用本板資源,就請尊重版 規,否則只好慢走不送。 26. 排隊時請本人排隊呀,請不要TAG 佔茅坑,因為你永遠不知道門外到底排了多少個尿急的人。 27. 若是在本版以免費取得的物品,請勿拿出來在本版販售,造成送出物件的人感觀非常的不佳,投訴於版主,增加板主的困擾。若免費取得後不需要,請在本版免費送出。 28. 在PO文前,請確認販賣金額,不得無故調高,或是放FREE但實際上卻是要版友自行PM問價錢,希望交易越公開越好。 29. 不得使用美化過的照片 30. 本版謝絕 Car Dealer 31. 若要先取先得,請記的註明,以免有紛爭。 若有任何意見歡迎私訊版主跟我聊一下天,提供意見。
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Facebook Ad Buyers
Facebook Ad Buyers - Learn more about FB Ad Buying and connect with other FB Ad Buyers. Compare different advertising tools, tips, tricks and learn from industry leading veterans. Join our Private Community that has over 100 tutorials, how-to's and mini courses as well as special members only deals, meetups and more advanced content -> http://joinadleaks.com Interested in AdWords & YouTube Video Ads? Join our AdWords/YouTube Advertising group here -> http://www.surimep.com/groups/172070146603360/ Interested in Influencer Marketing? Join our Influencer Marketing group here -> http://www.surimep.com/groups/1067348810041504/ Looking for Affiliate Offers or Leads? Join Lead Marketplace here -> http://www.surimep.com/groups/leadmarketplace/ ??AD BUYER GROUP RULES?? Doing any of these will result in an immediate permanent ban, you will not be given a warning first unless otherwise specified below. 1. NO PROMOTIONAL posts about affiliate offers, your offer, your company etc without explicit permission from myself. If its something that may help the group like a new tool or something then I may allow it. If its for an affiliate offer, don't bother, this is not the group for that. 2. Before asking a question, PLEASE search the group first to see if someone else has already asked it. (You won't be banned for this but you will get a warning) 3. Do not SPAM the group. This should go without saying. This will result in an automatic ban. ?? 4. Do not post questions or comments about anything considered greyhat or blackhat. This includes but is not limited to: cloaking, selling of FB Ad Accounts etc. This is not the group for that. That is not encouraged nor condoned. 5. NO TROLLING. Keep it positive, constructive and respectful. We all started as noobs so have some respect and pay it forward. If you can't say something nice or helpful, don't say anything at all. 6. Do NOT post about a "bad experience" you had buying someones course or that a network didnt pay you on time. ? 7. No comment baiting. You may NOT post asking people to comment/like a post in order for you to share value. Either put the information out there and let people like/comment on it if they like it or don't share it at all. 8. Do NOT post about looking to hire a media buyer or developer etc, there is a different group for that -> http://www.surimep.com/groups/adbuyersjobboard/ (this will not result in a ban unless you break it multiple times but your post will be deleted immediately so don't bother) 9. Most importantly, have fun! Talk about bidding strategy, new ad types, new targeting options, new strategies in general, new ad policy etc etc. Thats what this group is for! To Learn and Have Fun! ????????
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Welcome to Shop Drop & Roe! This group features different consultants with different inventory so there is always something new and amazing going on. Lots of sales, giveaways and UNICORNS!! Parties are every Mon, Wed and Friday and last 24 hours starting at 6pm est. Some guidelines and rules for Shop Drop and Roe.. To purchase an item please comment SOLD and your email address to claim an item. Sold comments without an email address or no link filled out may cause you to be skipped over. If you would feel more comfortable sending your email address to us in message comment SOLD " Will PM email address" and PM the consultant your email address within one hour. No claiming before party start time. If multiple people comment sold on an item a time stamp will be ran to keep it fair to everyone. If an item you love has already been claimed please comment sold NEXT and your email address. Next comments with no email address may be skipped over for next in line. It is always good to get in line for an item so that in case the person ahead of you passes or the consultant has duplicates you are the next to get them. If you comment sold pending a question, once the question is answered you have one hour to claim the item or it will be passed to next in line. Invoices must be paid within 24 hours. If you don't receive an invoice for an item you claimed please let the consultant know and they will be happy to resend it for you. If you change your mind on an item you can comment pass. If you need to pass please do so before the party is over so that others in line are able to purchase the item. No payers will be removed from the group! Please do not claim an item that you can not pay for. Claiming an item and not paying for it will not be tolerated. If you ghost on an invoice and do not communicate with the consultant you will be placed on a shared No pay list, removed from this group and could cause you to be removed or banned from many other groups as well. Please remember the amazing consultants who come and post their inventory here for your shopping pleasure use Lularoe to pay their bills and support their families. If you claim an item and you do not pay your invoice it is not fair to the consultant, their families, the next in line for the item or myself. Please be courteous and pay your invoices. Thank you so much for shopping with us at Shop Drop and Roe! We appreciate you and your business very much. If you have any questions or need assistance please let us know, we are happy to help. Now lets party! Are you a consultant wanting to post with us? Please join our planning group here ?? http://www.surimep.com/groups/shopdropandroeplanning/
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Boys only name brand resale BST group with MINIMAL rules!
We try to have minimal rules but we do want to follow B/S/T ETIQUETTE: ISO only allowed on weekends. All ISO must be deleted by Sunday at midnight or you will be MUTED for 48 hours. PLEASE DELETE your ISO. SELLERS: ALLOWED...BOYS CLOTHING, SHOES, ACCESSORIES SUCH AS BELTS, HATS AND BLANKETS, SWADDLES. ALLOWED: Small Shop items in purges which contain 75% brand name and 25% small shop . NOT ALLOWED ...LINKS ...ONLY LINKS ALLOWED ARE THOSE APPROVED BY JANINE PHILLIPS FISHER.....NO links to shops, stores, BST pages, FB pages, . NO Links posted on page or in PM...if you receive a link..PLEASE CONTACT ME . Regina Phillips NOT ALLOWED ....ISO of Small Shop or party goods or toys . No China brands such as ALI or WISH items. NO Items in bulk. . No Links of any kind. Small shop , instashop, Etsy shop or business owners using the site as a storefront. No Gifting of money. No Asking for PAYPAL fees . No DRAMA.. no price shaming . No live shopping. Posts must include brand, size, condition, price, shipping info, smoke free/pet free. Items that do not state brand, condition and size are subject to removal. Must disclose stains or flaws. YOU MUST USE ACTUAL PICTURES OF THE ITEMS - NO STOCK PHOTOS. ?? No claiming items from the main post - claims must be made on each individual picture to make it fair for everyone. ? Be familiar with the rules for buyers and make sure you are invoicing the buyer that claimed correctly. You must invoice within 24 hours or the buyer has the right to pass. We advise sellers to use reply feature and that buyers claim the items in Reply to avoid confusion. Holds or questions must still have paypal, and seller should only accept claims with paypal or "will pm paypal" on each item. ? Keep up with your purge! Please continue once you start the purge or update and let sellers know what time you will start. ? Deal or No Deal (DOND) is allowed, however once you accept an offer you must honor it and cannot then go back and accept higher offers. ? If you have a non-payer tag them in your purge AND pm or send PayPal reminder before reaching out to Admin. Not everyone sees the notifications so send a pm to the buyer. ? Items must be shipped within 5?? business days. ? If you have cross posted items in your purge, please make that clear on your post. ? If you are offering an item on someone's ISO post, you may move to next in line after 2 hours, if no one commented . BUYERS: ? ??THE ABSOLUTE ONLY WAY TO SECURE AN ITEM-- post your paypal on the item or items you want. ....or you can state ...”sold will pm PayPal”..If you have a question about an item, you must still post your PayPal and then post your question IMMEDIATELY after. You can then decide if you want to pass. ?? DELETING YOUR COMMENT AFTER POSTING PAYPAL IS GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE REMOVAL. So is backing out of a sale. If you post your PayPal or will pm PayPal, the item is yours, no exceptions. Make sure you read description, size, price, shipping, etc. before you claim
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subtle asian mental health
Thank you for becoming a member of our community! We hope that you find this to be an open, safe, inclusive, and non-judgmental space to share your thoughts and feelings about anything, especially mental health. Please acknowledge that while we would like to be inclusive, this space is primarily a place for Asians and those of Asian descent. Our hope for this group is to reach as many Asians struggling with mental health, cultural issues, inter-generational trauma, and associated problems as possible. We want Asians to realize they are not alone in their struggles and experiences and that there are others who are here to provide support. Mental health is a growing issue among global Asian diaspora communities, but as Asians we tend to be brought up to not talk about it or even acknowledge our psychological problems. We want to be a part of the generation that changes that, and we hope you'll come along with us for this journey. We've prepared some resources for you, which you can find in either the announcements or files tab on the left hand sidebar. Some of them include: – Subtle Asian Confessions – Listening Sessions – Resources on Mental Health **Comments will be heavily moderated. Problematic comments may warrant a PM from mods/admins and may or may not be deleted. We encourage "good" discourse, which means people can disagree but everyone should treat each other with respect. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, etc, but we should educate others with empathy and compassion. For more information about what else we do, check out our website: https://www.asianmhc.org/
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What is Dogspotting? 1. A sport and lifestyle of spotting random dogs. 2. Classifying the nature of the spot according to the rule set. 3. Assigning a score or sharing the spot for peer scoring. 4. A fun place to hang out with friends and enjoy dogs. PLEASE read the Pinned Thread for ALL of the rules before posting in the group! Complete Lists of Current Group Info & Rules: http://www.surimep.com/groups/dogspotting/permalink/10157857040014467/ Rule Slides: (Fun, hisorical, classic Dogspotting Info; please use the link above for a current list of Rules and info- the link below shows past rules and other interesting info) http://www.surimep.com/DogspottingRules/posts/955966677836871 #1 Rule, don’t post yer own dog or a dog that you know! If it's your own dog, a dog you have met before, or a dog you know exists, it is ineligible for submission as a spot! Visit our sister group, Dogspotting Society, where you CAN post your own dog and also many other types of things that are ineligible in this group: http://www.surimep.com/groups/DogspottingSociety/ ??????OTHER IMPORTANT LINKS ?????? Dogspotting Peoples Court (Contact here to contest bans under the court of law) http://www.surimep.com/DogspottingCourt/ Dogspotting Media: http://www.surimep.com/dogspottingmedia/ Dogspotting Shop: https://dogspotting.teemill.com/Dogspotting Top Spots 2018: http://www.surimep.com/media/set/?set=oa.10157367955119467&type=3 Dogspotting Instagram: https://instagram.com/dogspottingorg/ Dogspotting Snapchat: @DogspottingOrg Dogspotting Twitter: https://twitter.com/dogspottingorg HQ Website: http://www.dogspotting.dog/ DS TRIUMVIRATE Jeff Wallen - Director of Dog Organization - President Dogspotting LLC Molly Bloomfield - Director of Moderator and Member Operations Ruth Esther Wollman - Director of Human-Dog Relations - Pro Bone-o Legal Aid Jason L'Eane - Director of Dog Fungi DS SENATE (COMMITTEE OF PUBLIC SAFETY) Ally Saltford Brooke Bates Carl Jenkins Carolann Fiore Carolyn Steinberg Cassie Close Debbie Nanni Fan Pan Haramber Brzez Hunter Workman Maika Greer Maura Smith Megan Lesko Michelle Dewing Oscar Jacob Rafael Parra Albasanz Raphael Fischer Saritha Riju Sergio Opmaco Shirley Lee Timotei Bruce Tobias Brockie Tricia Smith DS Advisors: John Savoia - Dog Guru and Visionary (current whereabouts unknown) Reid Paskiewicz - Director of Dog Operations - VP Dogspotting LLC Marty Kimmel - DogTech Director - Dogspotting CTO David Thorpe -Official Dogspotting Historian -Record Keeper, and Pro Gamer Josh Boruff -Bad man -Creator of the Orthodox scoring system ?We are NOT a cult ? ?The Dogs are the Life ? ?The Dogs Must Flow ? Dogspotting? is a Trademarked Entity.
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美國在家自學的雙語家庭 Chinese-English Bilingual Homeschoolers in America
***這不是一個公開社團,如果想要加入,您必須詳讀版規並回答三個問題。*** 加入前請詳讀版規: 1.本社團目的是提供「於美國在家自學」或是「"將要"在家自學」的中英雙語家庭一個交流平臺(自學的定義是您的小學以上學齡孩子沒有上公立或私立的全天學校)。 2.本社團不允許非在家自學相關謀取私利的廣告。如有違規,將喪失其團員資格。 3.本社團的服務對象為居住在美國的自家庭。 4.家庭的定義是您有至少一位子女,本團不接受無子女的成員。 5.本社團非一個語言自學學習團。如果您的加入只是想要加強子女的英文或中文學習,這不是您應該申請的社團。請申請入以下社團: 中英文雙語並進的養兒育女手記: http://www.surimep.com/groups/520665054630468/ Raising bilingual children in Chinese & English: http://www.surimep.com/groups/ChineseAndEnglish4kids/ 6.如果您的加入是想要認識美國學校教育的課程,請加入:http://www.surimep.com/groups/706528409407082/ 7.如果是對於課後學習有興趣,請加入:http://www.surimep.com/groups/artandstemforkids/ ***PLEASE answer the administrator questions about your location in the U.S. and whether or not you are homeschooling in order to join the group. Requests are denied without answering.*** Our group is a platform for people in the U.S. who are, or soon will be, Chinese-English Bilingual Homeschoolers. By homeschooling we mean the school aged children do NOT attend traditional public/private schools. Non-homeschooling related advertisements will result in members being removed from the group. This is not a good fit for families who are in Chinese speaking countries and want to improve their children's English. For general info and support on teaching children Chinese, try: Raising bilingual children in Chinese & English: http://www.surimep.com/groups/ChineseAndEnglish4kids/
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Bay Area Anime and Gaming
Hey there! Chances are if you’ve just joined this group, you’re a big nerd like the rest of us! We are a laid back Anime + Gaming group that likes to have fun, make friends, discuss our anime/ gaming experiences, and every once in a while meeting up IRL to do stuff! Please enjoy your time here, but also keep the following rules in mind! General rules: - Be courteous/ respectful to your fellow otaku! We do not tolerate harassment of any kind, and you will be kicked out immediately if we see you doing so. - Please keep any topics/ posts relevant to anime and gaming. They may be removed by a moderator if deemed not relevant to the group rules. -Any sort of advertisement must be first reviewed by the group admins. If the advertisement is for the purpose of hanging out/ has no monetary purpose (such as congregating at a festival), then feel free to post -Advertisement soliciting for survey responses or involving monetary gain will be removed if posted without permission. If you are in doubt if something is allowed be posted, just contact one of the admins to find out. - Please reach out to one of the admins; Albert Yang, Carolus Chan, John Moore, or Jenny MeiLee for any questions or concerns. We’ll make sure to address them as soon as possible. - We're always on the look out for new organizers and hosts! Interested in giving hosting a shot/ have a fun event in mind? PM one of us admins! Join the Meetup group to stay up to date with the latest irl events! http://www.meetup.com/Bay-Area-Anime-and-Gaming/ Looking for some cool people to chat with? Check out our discord group, where we hold chat for game nights and do online streamings! https://discord.gg/NRvPuuR
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ravExchange? - Bitch/Share Anything EDM & Missed Connections
Your Community-Driven Ticket Exchange Platform. ?? Our mission is to bring the EDM community together and promote a safe environment for fans to share products and information. Please take precautions as all transactions are taken at your own risk. Our team is always here to help at our new support portal. Please visit www.ravexchangehq.com for all your future needs. Features Include: ? Current Announcements ? Ticket Check ? Verified Internal Scammer List ? In-Depth Guide of Member Terms ? Complete Dispute Center PSA: All profiles – both new and current – will be subjected to a public profile screening across all platforms. For more info, visit ravexchangehq.com/profilescreening. MEMBER TERMS: ravexchangehq.com/memberterms This outlines what type of sharing are allowed and what can be removed by us. It is designed from experience to help keep ravExchange (RE) a welcoming place and to help us keep everyone safe. All members are expected to know these terms. Your access to and use of the RE conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with this Member Terms. We reserve the right to: ? refuse or revoke member privileges to anyone ? delete posts and comments without warning if a violation occurs ? issue a ban or removal without warning if a violation occurs ? ban anyone who disrespect our admins without warning ? make decisions as needed to preserve the peace within the community Ticketing Guidelines: ? Only ticket-related posts are allowed in our ticketing communities ? Community Pitchforking is allowed to a certain extent – strictly RE users only ? All public profiles must be kept up-to-standards Prohibited Items Include But Not Limited To: ? Scamming ? Flaking ? Auctioning/Bidding Tickets ? Promoting of Any Kind: Ambassadors, Products/Services, Self-Promo, Invite Codes, Ride Shares, GoFundMe, Living Social, Contests, Surveys, Free Guest Lists w/o Permission, External Links, +etc. ? Drug-Related Discussions and/or Illegal Activities ? Scalping – Sells Large Quantities and/or For Commercial Reasons ? Fake Accounts and/or Duplicated Accounts ? Hostility, Harassments, Seven –Isms, +etc. ? Spamming of Any Kind: Hijacking Original Posts, Posting Excessively, Irrelevant Content/Links, Posts Disregarding Rules, Affiliate Offers, Random Articles, Controversial Posts, Surveys, School-Related Items, +etc. The above includes any type of media such as pictures or videos if applicable. Admins will make their decision based on concrete evidence. The goal is to create a community of trustworthy users that we can all feel comfortable making deals with. Unfortunately, things may slip through the crack. We kindly asked all members report any issues or concerns to our team. RE is an online property owned and registered trademark owned by Woobly, Inc. If you would like to use our name for any reason, please contact hello@ravexchangehq.com. No one can reuse or repurpose our name for any reason without our written consent.
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Philosophy & Wisdom - ( The Original & Authentic Forum )
The objective of this forum is to invite philosophically minded individuals to share knowledge of life and expound truth and wisdom. ( be aware of fake forums with the same name and logo). I like to extend my warm welcome to all members of this group. As you know we have just started this group new, hence there are lots of work in progress to make this group an enriching place for all to share, learn and experience. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts or share and quote philosophies and interesting conceptions and perceptions of your own or from respectable source. To make this place a conducive environment here are some basic but essential house rules to follow: 1) This is a philosophy group and not a religious group, hence no preaching of religion. 2) While robust discussion is encouraged, but personal attack and name calling are not allowed. 3) Avoid extreme profanity...the occasion "fuck and suck" are tolerated :) 4) Trolling is not permitted. Please see below for definition of trolling: 5) Memes without the company of one's thoughts and opinions will be deleted without warning. Pictures posted with terrible resolution will be deleted too. A troll is a member who: 1) start with rude or sarcastic remarks on OP(original post) without substantiating his reason for such vile remarks. 2) start debating unrelated to the topic of the Op. 3) instead of refuting the opponents or conversationists, a troll resorts to personal attacks with repeated names calling and insults of profanity. 4)when advised by the Op host and members of the group who bare witness to the event, the troll will not stop and might increase his intensity of mockery. This four basic points are the characteristics of a classical troll. The unique ones will be at the judgement of the admin. People, if you see a troll please report to us and make this discussion group conducive. Footnote: Please note that this is a discussion group and not a actual debate group. Debate arises out of necessity to defend an important point , but respect and moderation are observed at all time. Creator and Admin Master Trainer - Alvin Koh
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LIGHTWORKERS POSTING GUIDELINES The purpose of Lightworkers of the World is to accelerate the evolution of humanity by raising vibration of self and others. We are a group where members can read educational and uplifting material, participate in discussions, and give/receive support, love, advice and healing. We reserve the right to delete any posts that we feel are inappropriate for this group. PLAY NICE: We will not tolerate abusive or harassing comments. If you cannot present your ideas politely you may be removed from the group. Name-calling is NOT acceptable. LIVE FEEDS: Members may NOT post active live feeds in this group. PERSONAL POSTS: Lightworkers of the World is a community. You are welcome to post questions, ask for healing, support or advice, or simply introduce yourself to the group. Please note that posting of another person’s picture requires their permission. SELFIES: We believe that providing positive feedback can help boost the spirit of those who are struggling or seeking motivation. We also believe the best growth comes when the poster interacts with those giving feedback. Posts with a picture that only says ‘What do you see’ will be deleted’. If you truly want feedback, tell us a bit about yourself, your desires and your challenges first. From there we will be happy to respond. ADVERTISING: We are not here to be a target market. If a post asks for money or donations it will be deleted. We do not allow advertising of products or services. We will allow promotion of groups and pages related to Lightwork along with sharing of educational material. We anticipate that members who promote are also active participants in the community. SOLICITATION: We do not allow solicitation of clients. We will delete posts that offer healing or readings that require members to send private messages to proceed. PICKING POSTS: Posts that encourage people to ‘pick for a reading’, such as pick a tarot card, pick a crystal, etc. are limited to MONDAY ONLY. On Tuesday we will turn off comments for these posts so they gracefully fade away. OBVIOUS DELETIONS: Pornography, graphic violence, animal abuse and messages invoking hatred or anger do not belong on this page. POLITICAL POSTS: We will delete any posts that state a position either for or against a political candidate. We are non-political and take a neutral position. RELIGIOUS POSTS: Lightwork transcends. We do not accept posts that sell a religious viewpoint or imply others are deficient for following a different path. TIMEWASTERS: We will delete posts that provide no value while attracting comments, such as math puzzles, games, or posts that ask for ‘Yes’ or ‘Amen’ or other repetitive answers. CLICKBAIT POSTS: Even if the information is valid, we are not here to train people about health issues, proper diet, exercise routines or celebrity news. EVALUATION OF VALIDITY: We cannot attest to the value of any services of any members. Let the buyer beware.
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Soto Zen Buddhism
Soto Zen Buddhism is a school of Buddhism founded by Eihei Dogen and Keizan Jokin in 13th century Japan. Soto Zen practice emphasises continuous practice, making your best effort in each instant without goal or profit seeking, that practice and enlightenment are not two. The core of Soto Zen practice is zazen - shikantaza - just wholehearted sitting - dropping off body and mind - the practice of self-affirming/realising samadhi. This is a focused group for people who are practitioners of Soto Zen, or are interested in Soto Zen. Posts that are not obviously oriented towards Soto Zen Buddhism will probably be removed. If not immediately obvious, please be explicit about your post's link to Soto Zen. When posting, try to be open, topical and polite. This group has people with all different levels of experience, and needs to be a safe environment for a beginner's enquiry, as well as for more in depth discussion. Be kind. We ask that you not advertise in this group (this includes local events, links to your zen group's page, commercial and non-commercial); this is to avoid flooding the timeline and obscuring discussion, and recognises the global nature of the membership. This is not a group for discussions about 'general spirituality', nor is flaming, trolling, flooding, spamming, or any other anti-social web behaviour tolerated. Links to topical blog or web articles are welcome. If you think your post has been removed unfairly, please contact an admin - we will try to be as equitable as possible, but mistakes may happen. Moderators are here to keep order and ensure that everyone has a positive experience. In line with common Facebook courtesy, we ask that you not block Admins. These rules are a result of a group discussion where there was a clear preference for 'tightening things up'.
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Gay Geeks
If you love our groups, support us with a $1 donation to our Patreon patreon.com/GayGeekFabulous Welcome to the largest LGBTQ Geek group on Facebook This group is a private group for lgbt geeks, gay dorks, gay nerds, gaymers. Network, make new friends, talk about gaming, comics, anime, fantasy, board games, scifi, pokemon and other geek stuff. Please read rules pinned at the top of the group in the announcements Check out our other LGBTQ groups Join our other LGBTQ groups! LGBTQ DragRace facebook.com/groups/LGBTQDragCulture LGBT Travel - Tips, recommendations, travel buddies facebook.com/groups/GayFabulousTravel/ LGBTQ Fitness facebook.com/groups/LGBTQHealthFitness LGBTQ Disney facebook.com/groups/LGBTQDisney/ LGBTQ Sports facebook.com/groups/LGBTQSports/ LGBTQ Book Club facebook.com/groups/LGBTQBookClub LGBTQ Pokemon facebook.com/groups/LGBTQPokemonTrainers LGBTQ Horror Nerds - Fans of Horror facebook.com/groups/LGBTQHorrorNerds/ LGBTQ Cooking facebook.com/groups/lgbtqcooking LGBTQ EDM facebook.com/groups/165063867538032/ LGBTQ Gaymers group facebook.com/groups/Lgbtqgaymers Gay Geeks - Group for all things Geek facebook.com/groups/gaygeeks1/ Gay Fabulous - LGBT humor, news, advice and more facebook.com/groups/gayforeverproud/ LGBTQ Streamers - For streamers or those who want to stream facebook.com/groups/LGBTQStreamers/ LGBTQ Professionals - networking group for professionals facebook.com/groups/LGBTQProfessionals/ LGBTQ Pets - share your fur babies facebook.com/groups/LGBTQPets/ LGBTQ Dating - Find a partner or some fun facebook.com/groups/904218743063039/ KnittingCrafters facebook.com/groups/LGBTQCrochetKnittingCrafters/ Anime - fans of anime facebook.com/groups/LGBTQAnimeFans/ Comics - fans of comic books facebook.com/groups/LGBTQComicBookFans/ LGBTQ Movie Club facebook.com/groups/LGBTQMovieClub/
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歡迎! ?? 我們鼓勵每個版友申請 團員代號,以便知道所在的種植氣候區,也可以達到認識附近同樣興趣的版友,彼此見面交流分享的機會 ?? 申請表請按 ==》 http://goo.gl/F45Grb 團員們可以把自己菜圃,園藝DIY的心得,問題在此交流。 歡迎對菜圃,水果, 蔬菜, 花卉, 家庭養殖等園藝農業DIY有興趣的朋友加入。 Members can exchange their knowledge/problems in their own garden. We welcome anyone interested in DIY-style for vegetable, flower garden, fruit tree growing, or raising domestic animal. 本團僅討論菜圃,園藝相關的議題, 不涉及其他無關之討論。 謝絕直銷,傳銷,與新品二手交易, 若涉及非相關議題。管理員保有直接刪除並移除會員之權利,並保留拒絕服務的權利。 **新增** 謝絕臧痞討伐其他團體個人等 尋求同情/酸文/抱怨文 - 酸民誤入 ** Only topics related to our group are welcomed. Please do not involve in any unrelated subject. Any violation will be subject to immediate removal and ban from the group. We reserve the right to refuse service. 本團團員同意不吝將自己的園藝甘苦談與眾愛好者分享,希望能縮短園藝新手學習曲線, 減少浪費投資, 達到資源共享。本團不定期舉辦農友聚會,演講,參觀。 並常有農產分享,互通有無。 Members agree to share their own knowledge, sweet or sour unselfishly to all group members. Hopefully, we can shorten the learning curve of the new growers and therefore reduce the wasted time and resources. We will conduct group meet, seminar, field trips periodically. We will also arrange garden produce, scions exchange from time to time. 我們的團服務對像是對農務有興趣的農友,不是一般的聊天團。 設立 #kw關鍵字 的目的是為了方便大家在團內搜尋資料,不必重複問農務上許多同樣的問題。 #kw團員代號 的迷思。。。 1. 我以為要很 #厲害 有種什麼來分享才能有代號, 哈! * 每個團員都可以申請團員代號,方便知道種植區的氣候,更是敦親睦鄰的好機會 2. 團員代號號碼越小的代表越『#厲害』的嗎? * 入團的時間越早,代號越小。001-010 保留給各地區的義工。 3. 為什麼團員代號有人 #大寫,有人 #小寫? * 大寫的是加州以外的州名縮寫,小寫是『加州』的縣名縮寫 4. 我搬家了怎麼辦?需要再填一次表,申請新的團員代號嗎? * 只要私訊給 Jason Tea,告知搬家的新地區即可 謝謝 , 北美菜圃園藝DIY分享 客服團隊 敬上 Email: GardeningSmile@gmail.com Text Message 簡訊 858.381.0598
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電子壓力鍋的美味交流 ( Instant Pot and more)
謝謝大家加入這個電子壓力鍋的團 電子壓力鍋 又稱鍋神 學習使用電子壓力鍋是中國廚藝學院裡EMBA的必修課 為甚麼是EMBA? 沒有甚麼啦! 就是聽起來比較厲害 希望鍋董們能開開心心,輕輕鬆鬆沒有壓力的交流壓力鍋的使用經驗,還沒有成為鍋董的朋友們,也希望妳們會愛上我們的鍋神--現代版的大同電鍋 本班是遠距教學~主要基地是在美國啦! 所以上課和成員大多是使用美國品牌的電子壓力鍋~BUT( 現在很流行這樣打,所以我也要跟一下) 不管你來自何方.只要你願意分享對我們鍋神的熱愛,美食無鍋界.我們都很歡迎你! 下面列出 目前最受同學歡迎的幾種 1. Instant Pot- 目前出到 7in1 尺寸大小 6qt ...材料是不銹鋼 也是班上最多人使用的品牌 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FLYWNYQ/ref=as_li_tl… 2. Cuisinart- 也是很歡迎的品牌..價格也比較便宜...有人使用後內部生鏽, 但本班資優Eric Au 用這臺上出來的菜...好吃的不敢讓我老公看到...可能也跟個人使用經驗有關 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DEQVS7G/ref=as_li_tl… 3. 大同 -本班也很多人使用大同~畢竟很多班上的董ㄟ都是被大同電鍋養大的...有使用的同學可以幫忙介紹一下 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00PJ9EJKY/ref=as_li_tl… 臺灣目前我知道飛利浦很多人在問...細節等有臺灣地區選修的鍋董跟我們分享! 以上~報告完畢! 相關社團: 美國舌尖上的飲食男女 http://www.surimep.com/groups/1423168034677744/
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Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes
PLEASE READ BEFORE ASKING TO JOIN: If I cannot send you a message you will not be accepted into this group. If you are a member of over 50 groups, or have been a member of facebook for less than a year that could indicate your intent is to use this group for reasons that do not coincide with the group guidelines. If you belong to 1,000 groups or more, please don’t send a request. This is not a format to discuss or try to convince other members as to the advantages or disadvantages of a healthier vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. This group works under the assumption that you are not here to be convinced, you are here because you chose to be. It goes without saying that there should be no inappropriate language or comments. All posts require approval before appearing on the page. The best posts have the recipe right in the post. If finding the recipe requires more than one click it will not get posted. If you post a video, the same rule applies; the actual recipe (ingredients & instructions) needs to be found in one click or less without having to watch the video. Posts trying to sell something, recipes including meat, promoting your page, promoting foods with healing properties and/or health remedies, recipes for your pets, promoting a diet, making diet claims (such as fat burning) will not be approved and the person posting may be banned. Also posts for smoothies or beverages will not be accepted. This is a group for all the members; please do not post more than two posts per day. Posts in a language other than English will not be posted unless you include a translation that works. Most of us are here for the recipes; a few are here to share. My apologies for all the “rules.” I wish they weren't necessary; however, unfortunately they are. I’m not perfect and sometimes I miss something – so if you see anything that doesn't seem to belong here that I missed, please let me know! Enjoy all the delicious recipes and ideas that are posted here!
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