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Why I Ride,,,
My families involvement with the Pan Mass Challenge goes back many years as donors and supporters. Ironically, we had never been able to participate as riders or volunteers because August was when we would take our family vacation which, for 14 years were cyclotouring trips! Ellen and I began taking short overnight trips with Jared and Adam in bike seats when they were 4 and 2 years old. After a couple of years they graduated to being able to ride on their own and the trips got longer and more challenging. Our last was an 1100 mile tour of Denmark and southern Sweden in 1999.

2004 marked our first Pan Mass as riders and volunteers, after our son and brother Jared was diagnosed with spinal/cranial tumors. Later that fall I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. After surgery and treatment at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute I am fully recovered. Jared's battle with cancer began in 2003 after his junior year at Alfred University/NYS Coll...ege Of Ceramics. After fighting this terrible disease for almost 2 1/2 years, Jared passed away on September 27, 2005. He was 23 years old. Jared was an artist of extraordinary ability and passion. He was an athlete and league champion in wrestling, track, and soccer. He was a scholar of art history, hispanic culture and was fluent in Spanish. Jared endured the most rigorous treatments at the Jimmy Fund and Children's Hospital all the while maintaining his kindness, his positive outlook, and living his life to the fullest. The care and compassion that Jared received there and that we receive there to this day was, and remains, extraordinary.

In 2004 and 2005 Adam and I rode the Pan Mass while Ellen and Jared volunteered, Jared in a wheelchair. 2006 was going to be the year that we all rode together. Instead, Ellen, Adam, and I rode in Jared's honor and memory along with 15 other dear friends as Team Kermit. [] Later that year we established the Jared Branfman Sunflowers For Life Fund For Pediatric Brain And Spinal Cancer Research at the Jimmy Fund. All the money raised by Team Kermit goes through the PMC and into our fund. It supports research into the type of disease that Jared had and is helping to make the dream of no more cancer a reality. It is a fitting legacy to Jared's wish to help others.

In 2012 my family and our Team Kermit was honored by being featured in the PMC Opening Ceremonies that was aired live on Chronicle Magazine. Here is the piece. Our story begins at the 2:15 mark: [] In 2017 our family story was honored once again by being featured in the PMC Opening Ceremonies for the second time. Here is the four minute piece: []

Though our 2019 PMC is in the rear view mirror, it will never be out of sight as once again my family and Team Kermit was honored in the spotlight. Here is the Boston Globe article that appeared on Day 2: []

In the photo is Jared, Ellen, and Adam on our 1999 bike trip in Denmark.

Our warmest thank you and love to all of our friends and family that support us in our daily lives and in our efforts for the Pan Mass Challenge and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute/ Jimmy Fund. Please make a generous gift towards the 2020 PMC, our 17th, and please tell your friends about our efforts. Join us in our fight to rid the world of this terrible disease so that your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren never have to hear the word cancer again.

with love and best wishes to all,

Ellen, Steven, and Adam Branfman

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我的家庭參與泛大規模挑戰可以追溯到許多年前作為捐助者和支持者. 具有諷刺意味的是, 我們從來沒有能夠作為騎手或志愿者參加, 因為八月份我們將在我們的家庭度假的時候, 這14年來一直是環游旅行! 艾倫和我在4歲和2歲的時候開始與杰瑞德和亞當坐在自行車座椅上短暫旅行. 幾年后, 他們畢業后能夠獨自騎車, 旅行變得更長, 更有挑戰. 我們的最后一次是1999. 年對丹麥和瑞典南部的1100英里之旅.

2004年, 在我們的兒子和兄弟杰瑞德被診斷患有脊椎/顱腫瘤后, 我們的第一次作為騎手和志愿者. 那年秋天晚些時候, 我被診斷患有甲狀腺癌. 在dana farber癌癥研究所手術和治療后, 我完全康復. 賈里德與癌癥的斗爭始于2003年, 他在阿爾弗雷德大學/紐約陶瓷學院三年級. 在與這種可怕的疾病抗爭近2年后, 賈瑞德于2005. 年九月27日去世, 享年23歲. 杰瑞德是一位非凡能力和熱情的藝術家. 他是摔交, 田徑和足球運動員和聯賽冠軍. 他是一位藝術史, 西班牙文化的學者, 西班牙語流利. 賈里德一直在吉米基金會和兒童醫院忍受著最嚴格的治療, 同時保持他的善良, 積極的前景, 并過著他的生活. 賈里德在那里得到的關心和同情, 直到今天, 我們在那里得到了, 現在仍然是非凡的.
2004年和2005年, 亞當和我騎著泛彌撒, 而艾倫和杰瑞德在輪椅上自愿. 2006年將是我們一起騎馬的一年. 相反, 艾倫, 亞當和我騎著杰瑞德的榮譽和記憶, 作為柯密特團隊的15位親愛的朋友一起. []那年晚些時候, 我們在吉米基金設立了杰瑞德·布蘭夫曼生命向日葵基金, 用于兒科腦和脊髓癌研究. 柯密特團隊籌集的所有資金都通過pmc并進入我們的基金. 它支持對杰瑞德患過的疾病類型的研究, 并正在幫助實現不再患癌癥的夢想. 這是杰瑞德幫助他人愿望的恰當的遺產.

2012年, 我的家人和我們的團隊kermit因在[紀事]雜志上直播的pmc開幕儀式而感到榮幸. 這是一塊. 我們的故事始于2:15年: [] 2017年, 我們的家庭故事再次被第二次在pmc開幕典禮上被介紹. 這是四分鐘的作品: []

雖然我們的2019 pmc在后視鏡中, 但它永遠不會消失, 因為我的家人和柯密特團隊在聚光燈下受到榮譽. 這是第2天出現的波士頓環球報文章: []

照片中是杰瑞德, 艾倫和亞當在我們1999年丹麥自行車之旅.

我們最熱烈的感謝和愛你, 他們支持我們的日常生活, 支持我們為泛大規模挑戰和dana farber癌癥研究所/吉米基金的努力. 請給我們的2020 pmc, 我們的17 pmc, 并請告訴你的朋友我們的努力. 加入我們的斗爭, 讓世界擺脫這種可怕的疾病, 這樣你的孩子, 孫子和曾孫輩永遠不會再聽到癌癥這個詞了.


艾倫, 史蒂芬和亞當·布蘭夫曼



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