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James's Relay For Life fundraiser

James Konigsberg 為 American Cancer Society 發起的籌款活動 ·

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Why I Relay

Cancer affects all of us. It doesn’t care what school we go to, how old we are, or where we’re from. We’ve made a lot of progress in overcoming it, but there’s still work to be done.

Relay is an organization I joined as a Sophomore. After serving as a General Member for a semester and Mission Chair for another, I became Co-President of the organization. This year, I am the Sponsorship Chair. This organization means the world to me, mainly due to the devastating impact cancer has had on my family. After losing two of my grandparents (two of the most important figures in my life), I knew I wanted to get involved. Recently, one of my best friends, at only 20 years young, passed away from the disease. Presently, I still have multiple family members and friends fighting. Thus, I am as eager as even to help find a cure....

Our board has some very lofty goals! Any donation, no matter the amount, can help us take one more step towards achieving these benchmarks.

Thank you!

癌癥影響我們所有人. 不管我們去哪所學校, 我們多大, 我們從哪里來. 我們在克服它方面取得了很多進展, 但仍有工作要做.

接力是我大二時加入的一個組織. 在擔任一個學期的普通成員和另一個學期的任務主席后, 我成為了該組織的聯合主席. 今年, 我是贊助主席. 這個組織對我來說意味著世界, 主要是因為癌癥對我的家庭造成的毀滅性影響. 失去了我的兩個祖父母(我一生中最重要的兩個人物)后, 我知道我想要參與其中. 最近, 我的一個最好的朋友, 只有20歲, 死于這種疾病. 目前, 我還有多個家庭成員和朋友打架. 因此, 我甚至渴望幫助找到治愈方法....

我們的董事會有一些非常崇高的目標! 任何捐款, 無論數額多少, 都可以幫助我們朝著達到這些基準邁出一步.


James Konigsberg ? 2019年11月13日

It’s Giving Tuesday!!! If you have the means to donate, please please consider this cause. It means oh so much to me. Thank you all and happy holidays!!

American Cancer Society
美國 501(c)(3) 非營利組織
The American Cancer Society is leading the fight for a world without cancer. We’re finding cures and doing so mu...ch more.

? We’re supporting patients with free lodging near hospitals, free rides to treatment, and our live 24/7 cancer helpline.
? We’re providing information, tools and services to help people cope with the challenges and questions that come with a cancer diagnosis.
? We’re making breakthroughs in research and urging lawmakers to improve access to care.

When it comes to cancer, we are the only organization attacking from every angle.
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