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Please Help Our Doctors Safely Fight Coronavirus

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Our motherland, Iran, is the fourth most affected country in the world (after China, Korea, and Italy), with almost 7,000 cases of coronavirus to date. What is even more alarming than the disease itself is that these numbers keep rising and there is no end in sight to this pandemic. Our doctors and nurses are risking their lives without the proper protection or gear to treat the patients that come to the hospitals alone. As a result, many of these brave medical professionals are contracting the disease and have lost their lives in the battle against COVID-19.

We have already lost countless doctors and nurses, including some corageous medical professionals in Razi Hospital in Gilan province. These fighters personally reached out to us for help to get them adequate protective gear against the virus.

The people and the doctors and nurses of Iran need our help as they battle this worldwide health disaster. Face masks are not enough to treat and ...diagnose patients with the virus and they need to protect themselves so they can help save more lives and not continue to risk theirs. As more doctors beg for protective gear, we are starting this fundraiser to help buy the proper medical equipment for them including:

-Protective coveralls with elastic cuffs
-shoe covers
-surgical masks, NIV masks, and N95 masks
-Surgical gloves and surgical hoods
-Goggles and face shields
-Digital thermometers and pulse oximeters
-BiPAP machines
-Disinfectant products
-Flow meters and nanometers

We have already lost too many courageous doctors and medical professionals who risked their lives to help save others. We need your help to put an end to this epidemic. Please make your donation now to help protect our brave doctors and nurses against COVID-19. The quicker you make a donation, the quicker we can get these materials to the doctors who need it the most.
我們的祖國伊朗是世界上第四大受影響的國家(僅次于中國, 韓國和意大利), 迄今有近7,000個冠狀病毒病例. 比該疾病本身更令人震驚的是, 這些數字不斷上升, 而且這種流行病還沒有盡頭. 我們的醫生和護士冒著生命危險, 沒有適當的保護或裝備來治療那些單獨去醫院的病人. 結果, 許多勇敢的醫療專業人員都感染了這種疾病, 并在對抗covid-19. 的戰斗中喪生.

我們已經失去了無數的醫生和護士, 包括吉蘭省razi醫院的一些華麗的醫療專業人員. 這些戰士親自向我們伸出援手, 讓他們獲得足夠的防病毒防護裝備.

伊朗的人民, 醫生和護士需要我們的幫助, 因為他們與這場世界范圍的健康災難作斗爭. 面膜不足以治療和診斷感染病毒的病人, 他們需要保護自己, 這樣才能幫助拯救更多的生命, 而不是繼續冒險. 隨著更多的醫生乞求防護裝備, 我們正在開始這次籌款活動, 以幫助他們購買適當的醫療設備, 包括:...

-外科口罩, niv面膜和n95面膜
- bipap機器

我們已經失去了太多勇敢的醫生和醫療專業人員, 他們冒著生命危險幫助拯救他人. 我們需要你的幫助來結束這一流行病. 請立即捐款, 幫助保護我們勇敢的醫生和護士免受covid-19. 你捐款越快, 我們就能越快地把這些材料送給最需要的醫生.

Keep Children In School Foundation - KCIS ? 2020年3月9日

As we embark upon another Persian New Year, a time of rebirth and renewal, the KCIS team shares a hopeful message:

We know that there are better days ahead!
In these times of uncertainty and despair, you all have given us 150,000+ reasons to believe in the power of good. Seeing the KCIS family and community come together to support the courageous Iranian medical respondents fighting COVID-19 has been inspiring and miraculous.


We delivered gifts and chocolates to our first respondents in Iran, many of whom were away from their families and loved ones to celebrate the Persian new year. Furthermore, a new shipment of protective equipment is set to be delivered to 14 hospitals and medical centers tomorrow.

COVID-19 is a strong virus, but together we are WAY STRONGER! Thank you for putting your trust in us during this fight against coronavirus.

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