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Artist Relief Tree (ART)

Morgan Brophy 的籌款活動,發起人:Morgan Brophy 、 Marco Cammarota 和其他 2 位好友 ·

已籌集:$202,971?USD · 目標:$1,000,000?USDinfo-solid
Due to receiving over 3500 requests for funds, at the moment new requests are not being accepted until we can secure more funding. If you would like to be informed if and when the opportunity becomes available again, please go to and fill out the Google form.

The current global health crisis has already had a severe impact on arts and culture. Concerts and productions are being canceled, causing many artists to lose economic and social stability. We believe that the arts help make life worth living, and help us lead more thoughtful, compassionate, enjoyable lives. We also believe that NOW is the time to support artists and the arts... the world is going to really need us in the coming months…
Collect DONATIONS from those of us with the means to help. We intend to use this money to support artists – particularly freelance artists. We aim to be the bridge which ensures that AS MANY ARTISTS AS POSSIBLE receive at least a little bit of help. Hope and solidarity help, too. We are offering a one-off, first-come-first-served $250 “solidarity donation” for artists who apply (and meet very basic criteria... see below).

We have raised over US$100,000... (yay!)
We have had over 3,500 applications for help...
...which would require US$875,000 to fund... (oof!)
We need your help to find donors and supporters and networkers...

? DONATE. Every dollar helps.
? SHARE/POST the link to this fundraiser with a short personal post.
? INVITE others directly to donate.
? THINK about your NETWORK and other people who could help.
? EMAIL us: (comments, ideas or questions)

How do I request funding?
Due to receiving over 3500 requests for funds, at the moment new requests are not being accepted until we can secure more funding. If you would like to be informed if and when the opportunity becomes available again, please go to and fill out the Google form.

How do I qualify for funds?
It’s very easy. Anyone who is an artist (of any kind) can request funds. We plan to fulfill every request with a flat US$250 on a first-come-first-serve basis. We decided early on that we could not claim to make any quantifiable judgement on who deserved funds and whose need was greater. We also don’t have time to place a value on each different situation. So, very simply, if you ask for it, we’ll give it to you. The only limiting factor is the amount of money we’re able to raise. It’s possible we’ll run out of funds before we’re able to fulfill every request.

What do I have to provide?
We’ve asked for some documentation to keep the honest people honest. We trust you. If you’re asking for help, we want to help you. We also want to make sure people don’t abuse this trust. Upload a resume or point us to your website. The only requirement is that you SHARE this fundraiser and provide a simple screenshot.

Where does the money go?
Facebook Fundraiser holds every donation for a period of 6 days. This means the first of these funds cannot be redistributed until March 18 at the earliest. From there is goes to a dedicated bank account that both Andrew and Morgan have access to for accountability and redundancy. As we receive funds there, Rachel will be managing redistribution on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Who is ART?
Andrew Crooks (Lawrence University), Morgan Brophy (Wolf Trap Opera), Tehvon Fowler-Chapman (National Sawdust), Marco Cammarota(freelance artist), and Rachel Stanton (Wolf Trap).

Who can I talk to about partnering or if I have questions?
Email with questions and someone on the team will try to respond as quickly as possible. We’re trying to keep up with FB messages, but as this has spread so far so fast it’s becoming difficult. The email account is monitored by all 5 of us so we should be able to respond quickly.

Other important info
1. While this Fundraiser lists Morgan Brophy as the beneficiary, this is a function of the Fundraiser platform. All funds will be distributed to artists as needed. No one working behind the scenes is collecting a percentage or cut of these donations.

2. A separate bank account has been set up to receive these funds. Both Andrew and Morgan have access to this account to allow for redundancy and accountability.

3. We plan to continue to collect and distribute funds as long as there are funds available and the need is evident.

4. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns. We're not professional fundraisers, we just saw a need that wasn't being met and were compelled to take action. Most of us have stable salaried jobs that we're not at risk of losing, we do not stand to personally benefit from this fund or anything associated with it.
由于收到了3500多項資金請求, 目前新的申請不會被接受, 直到我們能夠獲得更多的資金. 如果你想知道機會是否再次出現, 請前往并填寫google表格.

目前的全球健康危機已經對藝術和文化產生了嚴重影響. 音樂會和制作被取消, 導致許多藝術家失去了經濟和社會穩定. 我們相信藝術有助于讓生活變得更有價值, 并幫助我們過更周到, 富有同情心, 更愉快的生活. 我們還相信, 現在是支持藝術家和藝術的時候了... 世界在未來幾個月里真的需要我們...
向我們這些有幫助的人募捐. 我們打算用這筆錢來支持藝術家, 特別是自由職業藝術家. 我們的目標是成為一座橋梁, 確保盡可能多的藝術家得到至少一點幫助. 希望和團結也有幫助. 我們為申請(符合非?;镜臉藴?.. 見下文)的藝術家提供一次性, 先到先得250美元的"團結捐贈...

我們籌集了超過10萬美元... (耶!) ())
... 這將需要875,000美元來資助... (oof) ())
我們需要你的幫助來找到捐助者, 支持者和網絡工作者...

?捐款. 每一美元都有幫助.
?給我們發郵件: (評論, 想法或問題)

由于收到了3500多項資金請求, 目前新的申請不會被接受, 直到我們能夠獲得更多的資金. 如果你想知道機會是否再次出現, 請前往并填寫google表格.

這很容易. 任何藝術家(任何類型)都可以申請資金. 我們計劃以250美元滿足每一項要求, 先到先得. 我們很早就決定, 我們不能聲稱對誰應得到資金, 誰的需求更大, 作出任何可量化的判斷. 我們也沒有時間對每一種不同的情況進行評價. 所以, 非常簡單, 如果你要它, 我們會給你. 唯一的限制因素是我們能夠籌集到的資金數額. 在我們能夠滿足每一個要求之前, 我們可能會用完資金.

我們要求提供一些文件以保持誠實的人. 我們相信你. 如果你尋求幫助, 我們想幫助你. 我們也希望確保人們不會濫用這種信任. 上傳簡歷或指向你的網站. 唯一的要求是你分享這個籌款活動并提供一個簡單的截圖.

Facebook籌款活動將每筆捐款保留6天. 這意味著其中的第一筆資金最早要到18年三月才能重新分配. 從那里開始, 安德魯和摩根都可以使用一個專門的銀行帳戶, 用于問責制和裁員. 當我們在那里收到資金時, 瑞秋將以先到先得的方式管理再分配.

Andrew crooks (勞倫斯大學), morgan brophy (狼陷阱歌劇), tehvon fowler-chapman (國家鋸屑), marco cammarota (自由職業藝術家)和rachel stanton (狼陷阱).

我可以和誰談談伙伴關系, 或者如果我有問題?
給artistrelieftree@gmail.com發送問題郵件, 團隊成員會盡快回復. 我們正在努力跟上facebook的消息, 但由于這已經蔓延到目前為止, 它變得越來越來越困難. 電子郵件帳戶受到我們所有5個人的監控, 所以我們應該能夠快速回復.

1. 雖然這個籌款活動將摩根·布羅菲列為受益人, 但這是籌款平臺的功能. 所有資金將根據需要分配給藝術家. 幕后工作的人都不會收集這些捐款的百分比或削減.

2. 為接收這些資金設立了一個單獨的銀行賬戶. 安德魯和摩根都可以使用這個賬戶, 以允許裁員和問責制.

3. 我們計劃繼續收集和分配資金, 只要有資金, 而且明顯需要.

4. 請毫不猶豫地聯系artistrelieftree@gmail.com提出問題或關切. 我們不是專業的籌款者, 我們只是看到了一個沒有得到滿足的需要, 被迫采取行動. 我們大多數人都有穩定的有薪工作, 我們不會失去風險, 我們不能從這個基金或任何與之相關的任何東西中受益.

Morgan Brophy ? 2020年3月12日
Andrew Crooks 分享了帖子

A message from the creator of the video below: "Let me know if there are any other songs you'd like me to try to Covidise - I've got time! Stay safe and in your bubbles - greetings from New Zealand."

Shout out to Shirley ?erban Photography on the West Coast of New Zealand for creating this! [Lyrics and comment from the creator in comments below].

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Morgan Brophy
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加入 Facebook 時間:2004年